The lemon and the pea

A few weeks ago I asked my friend how her natural miscarriage compared to her 4 labors (which resulted in 4 live births). She shared a great analogy that her doctor had explained to her:

Imagine you have a lemon in your hand. If you try to squeeze it, your hand has to do work but it’s fairly reasonable to squeeze. Now imagine you have a pea in your hand. Try to squeeze the pea. Your hand has to contort and twist and work 10 times harder to squeeze that pea.

She said that with 3 of her births, she needed no medication and was able to work through the pain. With her 4th, he was 9 weeks early and she needed an epidural. He was under 4 pounds and she said the labor was extremely difficult. Worst of all though was her miscarriage. She had never experienced so much pain. The live births were like the lemon, and the miscarriage like the pea.